History 25-Mar-12 Property Overview
I took the 3 acres next to our house and decided to try and improve Forage for Deer and wildlife 2 years ago. We stated with simply keeping a active mineral site with Trail cam about 4 years ago. Then added a small Pond ( 8x8 by 3 ft deep ) 2 Years I added a 1/4 acre Clover Plot Last summer I added a 1/4 acre annual with Sun flower, Milo variety mix and a 1/4 acre Annual with Rape, clover and other seed.

Aug 2010 average large buck
Aug 2010 average large buck

Average large buck seen 2011
Average large buck seen 2011

More updates from the 3arce Plots property
Bad Decisions Plot Maintenance 02-Mar-13 Bad Decisions
One weekend of rain Other 24-Apr-12 One weekend of rain
Last years clover Plot Plot Checkup 20-Apr-12 Last years clover Plot
Addition of small pond Other 16-Apr-12 Addition of small pond
Smaller plot New Plot Installation 16-Apr-12 Smaller plot
Ready for planting New Plot Installation 16-Apr-12 Ready for planting
More history Property Overview 25-Mar-12 More history
History Property Overview 25-Mar-12 History
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